Arts For the Soul search engine optimization – arts retreat in Colorado

The next step we’re going to take with the new Arts For the Soul website is to begin a search engine optimization and promotion campaign. So, to kick it off, you might want to visit this arts retreat in Steamboat Springs, Colorado if you crave soul-nourishing inspiration.

Quoting from the website,

Are you looking for a place of inspiration? Then be part of a community of 36 enthusiastic people who aspire to write, paint or play chamber music at a spectacular week long retreat in the charming mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado—in the majestic Rockies.

In addition to the SEO work, we’re going to begin a keyword-based advertising campaign for the site using Google and Overture. This has worked very well for Kristin Joy Pratt Serafini, children’s book author and illustrator (incidentally, who is also scheduled to be one of the instructors at the retreat.

March 17th, 2004

Website for Arts for the Soul, an arts retreat in Steamboat Springs, CO is now live!

Arts for the Soul - Retreat in Steamboat Springs, CO

Arts for the Soul is now live! Serafini Studios delivers a new website for John Sant’Ambrogio’s latest venture. John is Principle Cellist for the St. Louis Symphony, and is founding an arts retreat to be held in Steamboat Springs, CO. John’s son-in-law designed the site and Serafini Studios built it out.

Are you looking for a place of inspiration? Then be part of a community of 36 enthusiastic people who aspire to write,paint or play chamber music at a spectacular week long retreat in the charming mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado–in the majestic Rockies.

Check it out! 🙂

March 9th, 2004 coming on Monday! is under development and should be ready for unveiling on Monday. The site is for an arts retreat in Steamboat Springs. More on this after we launch it.

March 3rd, 2004

Serafini Studios is now hosting QuickSFV project

Serafini Studios is proud to be hosting the website for the QuickSFV project, written by a friend who has built an excellent application that does one thing and does it well – check the validity of downloaded files. Most of all, QuickSFV is quick! We didn’t design the site, but we may be helping the author work on it in the future.

QuickSFV was designed with one goal … to be quick! Existing SFV file verification programs were slow and cumbersome to use. Most users need to verify files and the quicker, the better. QuickSFV integrates into the Windows Explorer shell and makes it very easy to verify files. Just double-click on the .SFV file and QuickSFV does the rest. QuickSFV also understands several other file verification formats including .CRC, .CSV and .CKZ.

Give it a try if you need to verify downloaded files. And if you like it, consider donating, since the author has spent many hours making this an exceedingly useful little application. 🙂

March 3rd, 2004 Rollout

We’re rolling out with a soft launch, gradually adding more features. HIPPAClicks is a custom designed and coded HIPAA information portal that updates automatically 24 hours a day to display the latest news about HIPAA in one location. The site includes Google Adsense advertising and is designed to appeal to a highly-targeted audience interested in HIPAA compliance issues. In addition, it is built with a minimal number of graphics, intending to load as quickly as possible.

Technical Details:
The site is coded in PHP and includes the following:

  • Extensive use of PEAR XML_RSS package
  • is used to manage external site links
  • Google Adsense targeted text advertising to generate revenue
  • Links to the search results for HIPAA-related books

We’re planning on adding:

  • Suggest a link form
  • Other revenue-generating advertising as appropriate
  • Additional HIPAA-related content links
  • Any suggestions? Leave a comment below! 🙂

February 20th, 2004

Nora Larimer's Site Updates

Recently added 2 additional images to Nora Larimer’s site.

You can purchase original paintings directly from her site as well as giclee reproductions.

February 10th, 2004

Securanix website redesign launched

Securanix screenshot

The new website for Securanix Network Security Specialists is now live. It includes an updated look and feel, more accessible navigation and quicker loading times. In addition, links are now included on every page to translate into another language. The site validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

For this project we’re also using the PEAR XML_RSS module to display the CERT Incident Notes and Advisories on the homepage. This will automate the process of displaying security headlines on the site.

Part of the goal of the redesign was to improve the professional image of Securanix, and we feel that we succeeded in this area as well.

January 27th, 2004

WordPress 1.0.1 for Rachel's site

Updated Rachel’s site the other night with the latest WordPress beta (1.0.1). The upgrade went fairly well, although it did take a little tricky manipulation of table names in MySQL. Basically the old b2* tables were still there from an earlier install, and at first I wanted to use the new wp_* table names. So I began by doing a fresh install (of course, none of the old posts showed up). So then I eventually figured out that if I renamed the old tables with the wp_* prefixes that I wanted the new tables to have then the upgrade script would migrate the content properly. This worked well.

I am loving how WordPress is developing as a piece of software. It has vitality. It is growing in elegance and simplicity. It is Open Source.

Particularly, I appreciate the mod_rewrite ease-of-use. Basically, you simply decide what format you want your archives to be in (suggested is something like archives/2004/01/01/post-title-name) and the admin area gives you the exact code to paste into your .htaccess file. It is very slick, and then it works like magic. Considering how tricky many people find mod_rewrite, this alone is an awesome part of the system. 🙂

I’ll be upgrading this site’s installation as well soon, I think. I still have some other stuff to deal with first, though.

Another great feature is the inclusion of an “Edit this post” button in the template tags. Makes it super easy to edit any entry right when you see it. I had hacked this into my installation before, but seem to have lost it somewhere along the upgrade line, so it is great to see an official implementation.

January 15th, 2004

January Updates

Things are continuing to hum along here at Serafini Studios. Kristin is going to be the writing instructor for the Principia Upper School Teton Trip again this year. She is also continuing her other school visits, inspiring thousands of children each year.

On the project front, exciting progress continues with Vibe Phone. We’re working on interface design, graphics, usability and functionality.

Securanix continues to develop in interesting ways. We’re working on the initial plans for a number of security-related products.

Sites we’ve been spending some time with recently:

Also, been thinking about non-profit foundations and how they might relate to helping empower young people (elementary-age and up) with technology education including HTML and publishing to make a difference in their own lives and open up opportunities…

January 8th, 2004

Chiptune Christmas music mp3 album from

the 8bits of christmas album cover

Found via BoingBoing – it’s an entire mp3-only album of 8-bit video game console composed Christmas music. You can download each song in mp3 format and print out an album cover.

There’s lots of other cool music available on the site as well. Check it out!


My favorite so far: Let it snow by Bit Shifter. Composed using Nintendo Gameboy.
Download mp3 (2.5MB, 192kbs bitrate)

December 24th, 2003