About Us

Serafini Studios is a web design, production and marketing company that focuses on usability and web standards. We’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area and have clients all over the world who rely on us to help build web sites, logos and marketing materials.

We offer experts in web design, PHP, database design, CSS, logo and graphic design, and more. Please visit the Portfolio area to view samples of our work.

The Workers

  • Gabriel Serafini
    Gabriel is the owner and principal designer / developer for Serafini Studios. He really likes making his clients happy.
  • Amber Moffat
    Amber is a full-time Project Manager and Social Media Specialist with Serafini Studios.


  • Steve Wamsley
    Steve is a part-time web developer and programmer with Serafini Studios.
  • Cameron Martindell
    Cameron provides conceptual and strategic design for Serafini Studios.
  • Bruce Rea
    Bruce was a full-time web developer and project manager with Serafini Studios.
  • John Tamm-Buckle
    John apprenticed with Serafini Studios and runs a record label and is an experimental artist.
  • Ben Wann
    Ben was an awesome developer for us, eventually got hired by jWeb
  • James Aimonetti
    Another excellent web developer / programmer. Also good at basketball.