Arts For the Soul search engine optimization – arts retreat in Colorado

The next step we’re going to take with the new Arts For the Soul website is to begin a search engine optimization and promotion campaign. So, to kick it off, you might want to visit this arts retreat in Steamboat Springs, Colorado if you crave soul-nourishing inspiration.

Quoting from the website,

Are you looking for a place of inspiration? Then be part of a community of 36 enthusiastic people who aspire to write, paint or play chamber music at a spectacular week long retreat in the charming mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado—in the majestic Rockies.

In addition to the SEO work, we’re going to begin a keyword-based advertising campaign for the site using Google and Overture. This has worked very well for Kristin Joy Pratt Serafini, children’s book author and illustrator (incidentally, who is also scheduled to be one of the instructors at the retreat.