HIPAAClicks.com Rollout

We’re rolling out HIPAAClicks.com with a soft launch, gradually adding more features. HIPPAClicks is a custom designed and coded HIPAA information portal that updates automatically 24 hours a day to display the latest news about HIPAA in one location. The site includes Google Adsense advertising and is designed to appeal to a highly-targeted audience interested in HIPAA compliance issues. In addition, it is built with a minimal number of graphics, intending to load as quickly as possible.

Technical Details:
The site is coded in PHP and includes the following:

  • Extensive use of PEAR XML_RSS package
  • Blogrolling.com is used to manage external site links
  • Google Adsense targeted text advertising to generate revenue
  • Links to the Amazon.com search results for HIPAA-related books

We’re planning on adding:

  • Suggest a link form
  • Other revenue-generating advertising as appropriate
  • Additional HIPAA-related content links
  • Any suggestions? Leave a comment below! 🙂