Replacement icon for Audio Recorder

We liked Ben Shanfelder’s OS X application Audio Recorder so much that we had to make an icon for it, since as it ships right now it lacks one (it just shows the generic OS X application icon).

Replacement icon for Audio Recorder

If you would like to use this, then download the icon below, unzip it, and Get Information on the icon file inside. Click on the icon preview and Cmd-C, then Get Information on the Audio Recorder program, click on the default application icon, and press Cmd-V. You should see the new icon replace the default icon.

We used IHeartNewYork’s excellent aqua shape how-to (with a couple of additions) when making this. Thanks!

Hope you enjoy this. It was fun to make, and Audio Recorder is a great small application for recording audio.

Download Audio Recorder replacement icon (.zip, ~17kb)