Dear agentx…

Redesign Time

Dear agentx,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the design of our advertisement in the Midwest Technology Jounal print edition. We value your input. It really made us laugh. A lot. We appreciate your feedback. We’ll try to be more “interseting” and “eye-catching” with our “octupus” in the future. Um, BE GOOD TOO yourself. Thanks,

The ragingly AWESOME team at Serafini Studios.

Dear Serafini Studios.. I saw yer ad at Midwest Technology Journal.. you guys are suppose to be a design company right? well guess what, yer ad on that paper sucks!! it’s plain and boring.. the font’s are too plain, The logo and the catch phrase though is good.. okey where it says “REDESIGN TIME,” that should be on the bottom of the logo.. (the octupus) it would also be more interseting and eye catching if you guys changed the fonts.. that’s all!!! BE GOOD!!!!