Work on continues to progress

I’m happy to report that work on is progressing rapidly. The biggest driving factor for the quick improvements is the addition of Hal Martin to my team of developers. He is a recent graduate of Principia College and is an excellent resource — skilled in computers, Macintosh as well as PC, has done programming in the past, and has picked up HTML very quickly. It’s not like HTML is that complicated, but attention to detail in a project is very important. Hal brings an excellent work ethic and great attitude to the team. He’s picked up grep really well (using BBEdit under Macintosh OS X) and has used the technique to make lots of the changes.

We’re adding ecommerce to the site using PayPal for both her originals and reproductions. We’re also taking the opportunity to make aesthetic improvements as well as we add the requested additional content. Once we’re finished with this current project her site will be in great shape for taking orders over the Internet and will be even more funtional.