Chiptune Christmas music mp3 album from

the 8bits of christmas album cover

Found via BoingBoing – it’s an entire mp3-only album of 8-bit video game console composed Christmas music. You can download each song in mp3 format and print out an album cover.

There’s lots of other cool music available on the site as well. Check it out!


My favorite so far: Let it snow by Bit Shifter. Composed using Nintendo Gameboy.
Download mp3 (2.5MB, 192kbs bitrate)

December 24th, 2003

First post using i330

posting using graffiti on my new i330 over at Hal’s place.

December 12th, 2003

Samsung i330 Arrived!

Today I received my new Samsung i330 Palm / mobile phone. I purchased mine from Ebay and so far I’m totally happy with the purchase. Having a Palm again is really nice. It should make things a lot easier on all fronts.

Also, it is possible to skin the phone — check out to see how it works. Very cool.

i330 FAQ-

i330 Forums –

December 10th, 2003

Google Dance Search Ranking Tool

Found this nice tool for checking all 10 Google datacenter search engine results at once (each updates on a different schedule).

November 22nd, 2003

Google Adwords Article

Just finished writing an article on Google Adwords for Midwest Technology Journal for the November issue. It is mostly a friendly introduction to how to use their system to get ads up on Google in five minutes.

October 24th, 2003