SEO – Updated Keywords for

Today we finished updating with updated keywords to help improve search engine placement.

Nora Larimer Painting

Nora is a longtime client, and when the site was originally built we placed an emphasis on clean design and letting her paintings stand on their own. Since then, we’ve added many paintings to the site, her recent work using watercolor tiles and implemented a Paypal shopping cart throughout the site.

Nora wanted to improve her search engine listings — a lot of the new content we’ve added to the site, like giclee prints weren’t part of her original content.

Nora’s current Google results include #1 for her name – Nora Larimer and #7 for watercolorist.

Our current efforts are focused on improving her results for terms including giclee, watercolor tile, watercolor originals and others. These are fairly competitive search terms, so we are not necessarily expecting #1 positions for each. But we should see improvements for each term now that we’ve added them to the site.

Do you come up where you want to in search engines like Google?
Post your site in the comments and we’ll take a look.