Chiptune Christmas music mp3 album from

the 8bits of christmas album cover

Found via BoingBoing – it’s an entire mp3-only album of 8-bit video game console composed Christmas music. You can download each song in mp3 format and print out an album cover.

There’s lots of other cool music available on the site as well. Check it out!


My favorite so far: Let it snow by Bit Shifter. Composed using Nintendo Gameboy.
Download mp3 (2.5MB, 192kbs bitrate)

December 24th, 2003 updated with new layout and Gallery screenshot

Just finished updating with a new layout and the addition of a picture gallery. Using Open Source software called Gallery to handle image management. It is still pretty tricky to incorporate Gallery into a site without a lot of tweaking of header and footer files, but it is a nice and powerful system. You can view a slideshow, automatically order prints of your images and create as many albums as you want. Also it uses ImageMagick to resize images so you can upload a large image and it will create a thumbnail for you. Very nice…

We’re also using WordPress for the blogging software.

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December 24th, 2003