Custom WordPress Themes

WordPress is our most-recommended platform for managing online content.

Why we love WordPress:

  1. It’s very easy for our clients to learn how to manage their own content, using just their web browser
  2. It’s a tried-and-proven system that was designed from the beginning to be easy to update
  3. The underlying architecture makes it easier and faster to build custom plugins and functionality
  4. It’s coded in PHP and uses MySQL to separate content from the look and feel, so it runs on almost any server and it always looks good.
  5. It has excellent search engine optimization (SEO) “built-in” so our customers don’t have to pay huge amounts to other companies to optimize their sites. Our customers consistently rank in the top 10 for their desired keywords and phrases.
  6. We can build custom themes for it that look exactly like what our customers want are looking for.

To request a quote on a custom WordPress theme, please visit our Contact form.